roundtable meeting

Our main services consists of orientation, workshops, drills and exercises.
Supplemental services include vulnerability assessments, technical assistance, and facilitation of table top and full-scale exercises.

Drill Observations – allow schools to practice and demonstrate their ability to take emergency protective action in response to a threat.  SSR observes the school drill from multiple vantage points and offers immediate verbal evaluation and a written report noting strengths, areas for improvement, and recommendations based on observations.

Tabletop Exercises – bring school, district, law enforcement, and other emergency response officials together to participate in a discussion based, scenario-driven exercise which allows participants to walk all stakeholders through their crisis response procedures.

Parent-Child Reunification Simulations
Simulating procedures for reuniting students with parents following an incident tests the plans and prepares staff members for the types of complications that arise during real-life scenarios. Parent-Child simulations can be conducted as limited full-scale exercises. For maximum benefit, include representatives from law enforcement and fire/rescue.

Needs Assessments / Vulnerability Assessments
Physical security and law enforcement personnel recognize the term “vulnerability assessment” as the traditional process used to determine the critical mission, possible threats and areas where an enterprise is vulnerable to that threat.

Other services include : curriculum development, public policy,  school leadership trainings and consulting resulting in supported students, faculty, and families.