Welcome to School Security Roundtable

Students cannot learn until they feel safe. Therefore, School Security Roundtable unites the best minds from education, school psychology, law enforcement, emergency response, counseling, public affairs and local government to ensure their schools and community have the tools and training needed to prevent and respond effectively. We pay particular attention to psychological recovery to support students in resuming learning as quickly as possible. Will you join us in our mission?

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School Security Roundtable provides crisis management training based on the PREPaRE curriculum developed by the National Association of School Psychologists (NASP). Training begins with orientations and workshops and builds on that foundation of knowledge to include drill observations, tabletop exercises and full scale exercises.

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Other Services

We’re equipped to assist in multiple areas supporting our mission such as curriculum development, public policy,  school leadership trainings and consulting resulting in supported students, faculty, and families.

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All stakeholders leave with increased confidence and the ability to immediately apply newly learned skills; resulting in greater student support.